Youth & Policy Issue113 explores youth work and austerity, masculinity, ethics, gangs, vol orgs and much more besides!

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Naomi Stanton writes:

Youth and Policy issue 113 is out now at

Some great articles on youth work in austerity England, youth work and manliness among others and some powerful writing from 12 year old Martha Davies in Thinking Space…

‘It’s drilled into our minds that the progression of humankind depends on our qualifications, it’s an expectation that comes with every equation, every essay and translation. And I’m not saying that these five years at school are not helping to improve my knowledge, or send me off to college when the whole cycle will repeat. I’m just saying that when we spend hours revising facts and figures with such vigour hoping to trigger the results we need, we forget that some of our generation’s greatest minds dropped out of school, broke the rules to follow their own. They are not known for the GCSEs they achieved or whether or not they would succeed the grades on their report cards. Great people are known for being able to inspire, to work hard and dream big, to reward and to forgive.’

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