Remembering Our History : North Tyneside Girls and Young Women’s Network 1994

Thanks to Patti Fulton and Anne Marron for this reminder of past endeavours, which the new breed of neo-liberal managers and researchers dare to consign to history.  See the Young Foundation’s Framework of Outcomes for Young People to find an utter lack of understanding of gender, race, sexuality,disability and class.

Girls and Young Women's Network

Anne writes:

This is from about 1994..the logo was designed by young women from the Girls and Young Women’s Network. I was Girls Work Development Officer working with our team of skilled and truly inspirational women youth workers. As you see we developed and worked with community based groups as well as projects focused on specific needs including bullying, confidence and self esteem, sexual health, domestic and sexual violence, unemployment, young carers, young mothers, mental wellbeing, sexual orientation. Groups met weekly across North Tyneside and were supported and funded by the local authority youth service. We used music, arts and drama, outdoor activities and a whole range of creative and educational activities with the girls and young women. Need this now more than ever!

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