Latest News – 95 signatures to EDM 488. Meeting with Labour Secured.

Tristram Hunt, the Shadow Education Minister
Tristram Hunt, the Shadow Education Secretary

Latest news is that 95 MPs have now signed the EDM (488) which calls for a debate in parliament on the need for a Statutory Youth Service!

Pete Sims reports :

We’ve done well – but need to keep pushing those ones that haven’t yet signed. We can also ask Frontbenchers who can’t sign to make representations and show their support that way.

Pls use and share this important link to help save Youth Services from continuing to be destroyed –

In addition he tells us that a meeting has been secured with Tristram Hunt, the Shadow Education Secretary, to discuss the Labour Party’s avowed commitment to a statutory Youth Service. Arguing for open access, universal provision rooted in the heart of communities will be Pete Sims, Julie Hilling, Member of Parliament and former President of CYWU, Councillor Richard Dunbar and a Vice-President from the National Union of Students.

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