IDYW 2015 Conference : Bernard Davies launches the Story-Telling web site

Our Story-Telling web site was formally launched at our March national conference in Leeds. We reported first on its contents in a post, Story-Telling in Youth Work : Web Resource now on-line, which noted.

This resource brings together some of the learning from In Defence of Youth Work’s (IDYW) approach to youth work story-telling as this has evolved over the past three-years. From both the participant’s and the facilitator’s points of view, it considers how examples of practice have been narrated and analysed in workshops specifically designed for workers (including young volunteers), managers, students and their tutors.

It also focuses on the use of story-telling in a range of work settings: in face-to-face work with young people; as an aid to organisational change through staff training, supervision and monitoring; in the teaching and assessment of youth and community work students; and for project evaluation. Also included are some of the support materials developed by IDYW.

In the following video Bernard Davies introduces the resource to the participants at conference.

The web site can be found at

Thanks to Justin Wylie for the video.


  1. I am delighted to see the launch of this web resource. As some one who has participated in storytelling (thanks Bernard & Susanna), and moved on to facilitate storytelling in the organisation I work, I am so pleased to see the development of the website! Storytelling is powerful. I think back regularly to being the storyteller – I learned so much from that facilitated experience that continues to shape my work. Because of storytelling, I re-found my youth work in my own words, which allows me to express my practice more honestly and articulately (I hope)! Having this web resource is super, especially as I can continue to be part of this movement to capture our work in our way!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Eibhlis, and for illustrating how useful story-telling is – on all sorts of levels. Yes, let’s continue building a movement that ‘captures our work in our way’.

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