In the Aftermath : ChooseYouth launches campaign of pressure on MPs – If you don’t fight, you won’t win!

Doug Nicholls

Doug Nicholls, Chair of ChooseYouth has issued the following statement as the alliance looks to pressure and hold accountable MPs across the spectrum as to their response to the proposed Young People and Youth Service Bill.

“If you don’t fight you definitely wont win. If you have a go there is always a chance.” So said Doug Nicholls Chair of the Chooseyouth campaign as they launch their campaign to pressurise every MP in Parliament to introduce a new Young People and Youth Service Bill. “This is a real issue about the future of the country. Do we want young people whether in Glasgow, Glamorgan or Gloucester to enjoy personal and social education opportunities outside school and work or the dole queues, or do we want them marginalised and alienated from the political system and stuck at home in poverty with few opportunities? The UK led the world in establishing a modern Youth Service within the education spectrum. This has now been almost completely destroyed, only fragments of excellent practice exist and state funding has been largely withdrawn. The National Citizens Service is good but no substitute for a 365 day a year developmental service rooted in our communities. There is no better illustration as to how the post war social democratic consensus has been broken up than the story of the Youth Service. We want something new and properly secured in statute with sufficient resources and led by skilled youth workers who can motivate and inspire and liberate minds from the traumas of life today. There is more than enough money around to fund the Youth Service and rebuild.”

The campaign will carefully monitor every MPs response and report back to constituencies accordingly.

As a member of the ChooseYouth alliance IDYW will play its part in circulating this information and encouraging its supporters to pressure their Members of Parliament.

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