In the Aftermath : Thoughts and Initiatives – ChooseYouth Youth Service Bill

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ChooseYouth has produced for circulation, debate and action a Young People and Youth Service Bill to

Give a duty to the Secretary of State to promote and secure a sufficient youth service and to impose a duty on local authorities to provide youth services and establish local youth service partners to promote youth participation and engagement.

Youth Service Bill

Responding to the General Election result Doug Nicholls, chair of ChooseYouth, comments:

ChooseYouth is going to have to consider its tactics carefully. But if we believe that elected representatives are there to serve the people then surely every single MP should be asked to actively support our draft Young People and Youth Service Bill. Politicians seem to have dangerously reversed the idea of democracy and think their mandate comes from their manifestos, none of which incidentally said continue to let the Youth Service rot. All our resolve, all our energy, all our campaigning skills, all our commitment is going to have to be shared and co ordinated and focussed in the months ahead or the few remnants of the Youth Service will disappear. The country and the economy can afford a future.


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