yw practiceTHE SAGE HANDBOOK OF YOUTH WORK PRACTICE Edited by Pam Alldred, Fin Cullen, Kathy Edwards and Dana Fusco

A new handbook of YOUTH WORK PRACTICE is to be published by SAGE in early 2017. This Handbook will showcase the value of professional work with young people as it is practiced in diverse forms around the world. It will illustrate the range of approaches that identify as youth work, and an even wider range of approaches that identify variously as community work or community development work with young people, youth programmes, and work with young people within care, development and (informal) education frameworks. Across these differing approaches, the book will explore the ways practitioners work with young people and the type of projects/services/campaigns and professional relationships that are possible. It will examine how specific contexts (geographical, regional, political) shape and enable specific forms of practice and will share their views of what is to be learnt from practice experience; and reflect on how unique, indigenous or common certain modes of practice are.

Abstracts of 500-1000 words should be sent by September 30th 2015 to one of the section editors. We welcome discussion of coverage beforehand. Once abstracts are received, editors will review and feedback before contracting chapters. Final chapters of 6-7000 words (max. 8,000 words including references) will be due by 1 st May 2016.

Full explanation and details – The SAGE Handbook of Youth Work Practice

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