RefugeeYouth and STAR offer a rich range of resources for debate and campaigning activity

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The dilemmas surrounding becoming a refugee are nothing new. However at this very moment  there is an explosion of concern, taking many different forms, as Europe faces the most serious refugee crisis since the second world war. In this context it is rewarding to listen to RefugeeYouth, who in its words, ” is a community of young people from around the world, now living in the UK. We use the creative arts and participatory action research to build an inclusive community of friendship and belonging. Together we explore the issues that affect us, find solutions to our own problems and take action to bring about change.”

Becoming a Londoner

Our book, Becoming a Londoner, was published in October 2009. 117 young people were directly involved in producing the book, using creative processes including drama and music to share and articulate their stories and experiences.

The publication has been disseminated widely; to libraries, as recommended reading for youth work and social work students, to social workers, schools, funders and other organisations working with young refugees. More importantly, young people have used the publication as a tool to design and deliver workshops for a whole range of different audiences including local, national and international policy makers, trainee youth workers, social workers, refugee community organisations, funders, academics and researchers, and other service providers in education, housing, immigration sectors.

BecomingaLondoner pdf

Advocacy and workshops

Through a combined approach of Participatory Action Research principles and creative arts methodology, young people in RefugeeYouth work together to research the issues that affect their lives.

This generates powerful knowledge from young people’s own perspective, which we use to engage in meaningful, action focused dialogue with service providers and policy makers whose work impacts on the lives of young refugees.

We can offer tailor made creative, engaging youthled workshop at conferences, events and training days for a whole range of different audiences. If you would like us to run a workshop or contribute to an event please contact

Also available are  two tool kits to run workshops with young people to raise awareness about the issues affecting young refugees.

Labels, Limbo and Lies Workshop Tool Kit

Newpaper Headlines for Labels, Limbo and Lies Tool Kit

Films and Publications

Check out our films and publications inspired and created by young people at Refugee Films Festival

A big thanks to Susanna Hunter-Darch for reminding us of this valuable work, more relevant than ever. She draws attention also to Student Action for Refugees.

RWH refugees

STAR is a national charity of 12,000 students welcoming refugees to the UK, together we:

  • Volunteer at local refugee projects
  • Campaign to improve the lives of refugees
  • Educate people about refugees and asylum
  • Fundraise to welcome refugees

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