Coming Events, the Corbyn Effect and an Apology

This week I’m going to be dashing about so there won’t be many posts. One of my weaknesses is failing to keep the Events page up-to-date. Hence this post tries to catch up on what events are in the offing

Friday, September 8 International Study Visit meeting in Birmingham organised by Newman in partnership with Norway and Professional Open Youth Work Europe [POYWE]. IDYW is contributing sessions on the state of youth work in England through Bernard Davies and Tony Taylor.Other speakers include Howard Sercombe [Scotland], Sue Morgan [Northern Ireland] and Mick Conroy [Wales]

Friday, September 8 A Campaign for Youth Work, exploratory meeting in Nottingham initiated by Jason Pandya-Wood. IDYW will be represented.

Tuesday, September 22 Filling the Vacuum – Leadership and the Youth Sector in Leeds. Hope some our supporters will be there.

Thursday October 8 One Hundred Years of Youth and Community Work Education: A Celebration at YMCA George Williams College, London. IDYW will be supporting. STOP PRESS : Places still available

Friday, October 16 The National Youth Sector Debate organised by NCVYS in London. IDYW will be represented.

Tuesday, October 20 Positive for Youth, Positive for Society: The Future of Young People’s Services organised by Public Policy Exchange in Central London. Expensive £195 per person to listen to the dominant orthodoxy, but we’re hoping to get someone there.

Wednesday, November 11 Youth Work and Faith: debates, delights and dilemmas organised by Youth & Policy in Bradford. We will be supporting.


Ta to Shropshire Star
Ta to Shropshire Star

Jeremy Corbyn’s victory has certainly animated many a youth worker on Facebook. We’ll try to do a post next week exploring the possible implications as a catalyst to further discussion.


Finally an apology to several folk, who have sent in material, which has not yet appeared. I’ll endeavour to catch up next week. Best Wishes to all.

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