The National Youth Sector Debate led by the NCVYS – October 16, London


Following our post NCVYS opening up debate on what’s happened to the voluntary youth sector we have received further details about the forthcoming event.

The National Youth Sector Debate

A Question-Time style event, debating the question: “In light of what has happened at Kids Company, does the sector need to change and if so, in what ways?”

Friday 16 October, 12pm – 4pm, London
National Council for Voluntary Youth Services, CAN Mezzanine, Old Street

The National Council for Voluntary Services (NCVYS) is leading this Question-Time style event aimed at managers and leaders of youth organisations in England.

Many of us are in shock at what happened recently at Kids Company and the strong media attention it has attracted. Has the spotlight in the media had a damaging effect for other voluntary youth organisations doing their best to help and support young people, whilst operating in a challenging funding environment?

The Kids Company case has led many of us to reflect upon the challenges and issues the sector is facing, such as fundraising, accountability, and the safeguarding of young people.  We are using this event to discuss and debate the issues and to see what collective and individual action can be taken.

An invited panel of guests will debate the main question: “In light of what has happened at Kids Company, does the sector need to change and if so, in what ways?” and audience members will have the opportunity to submit questions prior to the event around the three following subjects:

  1. The relationship between government and the youth sector (covering for example: regulation, funding and commissioning);
  2. The role and responsibilities of Trustees; and
  3. Standards and public confidence (covering for example: safeguarding, professional conduct, importance of measuring and demonstrating impact).

Audience members will also have an opportunity to voice their opinions.  The event will be chaired by Natalie Campbell, Chair of NCVYS.  Panel members will be announced shortly.

Cost: To cover lunch and administration costs, places cost £20 for delegates from Full and Associate Member organisations and £35 for non-members.

In thinking about the question re the relationship between the government and youth sector we make no apologies for repeating our previous advice.
And much can be learnt by spending some time with the informative reports produced through the National Coalition for Independent Action’s Inquiry into the Future of Voluntary Services. These can be found under BACKGROUND READING in the main bar at the top of this page. Meanwhile you might start with Dexter Whitfield’s The Ideological Context or Andy Benson’s The Devil that has come amongst us.
In our opinion the issues facing the voluntary youth sector cannot be separated from its often uncritical embrace over the last twenty years of the market-driven agenda imposed by successive governments, whether Labour, Liberal or Tory in composition.

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