Ambitious about Autism : young people-led myVoice Project. Places available.


Message from Dami Benbow, Participation Coordinator.

If you have any young people in your organisation that you feel would be interested would you please inform them of this project. It would be great if you could post the details of this project in your e-newsletter and also send to your mailing lists.

Applications will be open until Friday 30th October.

If this sounds like an opportunity you would like your young people to participate in please do not hesitate to contact me, my email address is: and my phone number is: 020 8815 5151

Ambitious about Autism is a national charity dedicated to making the ordinary possible for children and young people with autism. Ambitious about Autism was originally known as Treehouse school, started by a group of parents in 1997 to improve the education outcomes of children and young people with autism. Since our ambitious beginnings we have expanded to become a national charity for children and young people with autism and their families, providing evidence based education and influencing national policy for young people with autism to make sure they have the best chances in life. In 2014 Ambitious about Autism received funding from the Department of Health to create the myVoice project to address the lack of inclusion of young people with autism in service delivery and general society.

myVoice aims to empower young people with autism aged 16-25 to have a greater voice and influence in the health, social support and education services they access to improve their life outcomes and transition to adulthood The project will encourage young people with autism to be active citizens and achieve greater integration with other young people of their own age, in their own community. It will enable young people with autism to:

  • Co-produce information and support networks they need as they approach adulthood
  • Review and influence the services they receive from health, social care and education
  • Engage in positive dialogue and feedback with commissioners and service providers

We are looking to recruit young people with autism aged 16-25 for the three following volunteer roles:

myVoice Online Facilitator

myVoice Online is a new platform created by young people for young people with information on transition issues such as work, relationships and bullying. There will also be regular online discussions and debates and we are looking for 12 young people with autism aged 16-125 to facilitate these alongside Ambition about Autism. Volunteers will receive full training and ongoing support and they will need to commit to at least two days per month.

myVoice Content Creator

We are looking for young people with autism aged 16-25 who are interested in helping us to plan and create content for the new myVoice online resource. This could include making short films, writing blogs, interviewing other young people and experts and helping us to plan topics. This role has no time commitments except for an optional one day training session where you will receive materials necessary for the myVoice project as well as learn more about myVoice project and meet Ambitious about Autism staff and other myVoice online volunteers. We would be happy to meet any young people on an informal basis so they can discuss their role and ideas for content with Ambitious about Autism staff.

myVoice Young Consultant

Young people will receive training to review and feedback on local education, health and social care services using an assessment framework. We are looking for 30 young people with autism aged 16-25 to take part across Barnet, Islington, Haringey and Bromley. Young people are asked to commit for at least two days per month for 12 months.

Young people can apply for more than one role and will receive full training to fulfil their role so no prior experience is required. All young people will be fully supported should they have any additional or special requirements.

To find out more about the myVoice project and see some of the amazing content that our volunteers have produced please go to the myVoice website:

Upon successful completion of the myVoice project young people with autism will be more aware about what autism means to them as well as having greater confidence to participate in wider society.

To enquire about joining the myVoice project please complete the form found here:

For more information please email:


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