NCIA says farewell, but the struggle continues


Ever since our emergence in 2009 we’ve been fellow-travelers with our friends at the National Coalition for Independent Action [NCIA]. It is with some sadness that we publish its farewell letter, but we are sure that our paths will continue to criss and cross!

Hello Good Friends,

Thank you so very much for signing our open letter, as part of NCIA saying goodbye. We are proud to be associated with such an array of people and initiatives who, not only refuse to keep quiet, but are involved in practical action to stop the nasty stuff going on. What we’re particularly proud about is the diversity of action that you all reflect: truly civil society with all its power.

We’ve now posted our goodbyes on our website and social media

and have released the open letter to the world

Over the next couple of days we’ll be circulating the sector media and networks, as well as the mainstream media.

Any help you can give us to spread our news and the open letter would be great – a final expression of solidarity, or perhaps even relief! We’ll be redesigning our website as a legacy resource, after we have closed, for those wanting to access the stories, evidence and connections we have gathered. For those wanting to be part of the ‘Next Generation for Independent Action’, the NCIA Facebook page continues as does our discussion space on the National Community Activist Network (final tidying up still to do).

It goes without saying…..we think you’re great!

With love and attitude

Penny & Andy xxx

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