Youth Work: Histories, Policy and Contexts

graham bright

At this moment I’ve read properly three of the chapters in this new and welcome addition to the youth work literature, edited by Graham Bright of the York St John University. My positive response bodes well for the rest of the book’s contents. Hopefully we’ll publish a critical review in the near future. Certainly students seeking analyses rooted in today’s shifting circumstances will find much of value and relevance.


The Early History of Youth Work Practice – Graham Bright

State Benificence or Government Control? – Simon Bradford

Youth Work under New Labour – Howard Sercombe

Youth Work and the Big Society – Tania de St Croix

Local Authority Youth Work – Pat Norris and Carole Pugh

Youth Work in the Voluntary Sector – Ilona Bucroth and Marc Husband

Uniformed Youth Work – Jonathan Roberts

Youth Work and the Church – Graham Bright and Dave Bailey

Questioning Muslim Youth – Brian Belton

Re-locating Detached Youth Work – Michael Whelan

Youth Work in Schools – Annette Coburn and Sinead Gormally

Youth Work in Digital Spaces – Jane Melvin

In Search of Soul : Where Now for Youth and Community Work? – Graham Bright

Youth Work: Histories, Policy and Contexts – more details etc…




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