Youth Sector Collaboration Consultation Event

Malcolm Ball and Susan Atkins are attending this event on behalf of IDYW. Our starting point is that collaboration would be wonderful, but on what basis and with whom?  An honest account of the sector’s often uncritical collaboration with successive market and target-driven governments wouldn’t go amiss.


Youth Sector Collaboration Consultation Event
26 November 2015 at 10.30am to 1pm
The Foundry, 17 Oval Way, Vauxhall SE11 5RR

Organised by AMBITION, NCVYS and UK Youth
1. Welcome and refreshments

2. Background (Susanne Rauprich NCVYS, Anna Smee UK Youth & Helen Marshall Ambition)
3. Roundtable discussions:
1. The Youth Sector: over the past few years, the youth sector landscape has changed with different organisations involved in the delivery of young people’s services. How would you describe the current landscape and who are the key national players?
2. The Youth Offer: from your knowledge of the wants and needs of young people, and given the changing landscape and limited resources, what should a youth offer look like now?
3. Youth Sector Support & Leadership:
(i) What support is needed for providers and what would be your top 3 priorities? What kind of support do you currently access and from whom, is it accessible and what are the gaps?
(ii) What should be the priorities for funders and commissioners? What should they be doing more or less of?
(iii) What should be the priorities for policy makers? What are the top 3 outcomes on which they should be focusing?
4. Wider Partnerships: the youth sector has a strong partnership tradition. Who do we need to partner with now given our aspirations for young people? What alliances should we build locally and nationally to secure a strong future for youth services?
4. Feedback and next steps

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