Shaping Our Future : TAG asks, ‘Where Now for Youth and Community Work?

TAG [ The Professional Association for Lecturers in Youth and Community Work ] is entering the fray of consultation with an ambitious series of conferences in March. As is our obligation we will be participating in these events. In addition we are cooperating with TAG in its desire to gather evidence to inform a subsequent report on the shaping of future youth and community work. Thus in the New Year we will be encouraging  you to use our Web site and Facebook page to put forward your views. We’ll post a framework for these responses after the holidays.

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Shaping the Future

Where now for Youth and Community Work?

What are these events? A series of day conferences throughout March 2016 at venues across the UK and Ireland, starting at the University of Huddersfield, traversing across Wales, Scotland, the English regions and ending at Dundalk Institute in Ireland. This series of consultation events are intended to act as a catalyst for identifying the future shape of youth and community work education; to assess the changing nature of youth and community work practice; and to support the development of youth and community-based services across the UK and Ireland. Use these links to DOWNLOAD a poster and BOOK ONLINE.


What is the purpose of these events? To facilitate a UK wide discussion on the direction of travel in youth and community work education, practice and service delivery with a view to collating evidence for supporting developments in the sector.


Who are the events aimed at? The events are designed to draw together interested parties including:

1. Members of the Association interested in the changing shape of youth and community work education

2. Youth and Community Work students and practitioners concerned with the evolution of the profession

3. Sector agency leaders and representatives with an interest in emerging services and collaborations.


How much will it cost to attend? There are three booking rates* for these events:

1. £10.00 for students and voluntary workers

2. £15.00 for Members of the Association

3. £25.00 for all other attendees


Your booking covers all food and refreshments on the day, the venue and a consultation pack. However, we don’t want anyone to be prohibited from attending these events and bursaries are available. Contact us at the email address highlighted at the bottom of this page for more information about available bursaries.


How do I book? Bookings are made through our Eventbrite pages. Simply click on the venue you wish to attend in the right hand column and our Eventbrite booking page will open for this event.


What are the anticipated outcomes of these events? It is intended that data and evidence will be gathered from all six events to inform a UK wide report on the future shaping of youth and community work education, practice and its agency. This will be used to talk with policy makers, to publicise the role of the sector and support a new generation of professionally informed youth and community workers.


What will be happening at these events? Each event will follow a similar format that allows for the gathering of data and evidence around common themes and thorough similar activities, with a distinctly regional emphasis/stream running at each venue.

Stream 1: What needs to change in Youth & Community Work Education?
Stream 2: What does it mean to be a Youth & Community Worker today?
Stream 3: What are emerging as Youth & Community Services in this region?
Stream 4: A particular regional theme/emphasis where this is relevant


Where will the events take place?

Saturday March 5 – University of Huddersfield

Thursday, March 10 – Glyndrw University, Wales

Friday, March 11 – University of Glasgow

Monday, March 21 – University of Worcester

Tuesday, March 22 – University of Brighton

Wednesday, March 23 – Dundalk Institute, Ireland

Please direct further questions about these events to:



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