Computer Crash Thwarts Critical Conversation!

Photo by Oscar Webb
Photo by Oscar Webb

A quick apology. We’ve got a couple of posts to put up as further contributions to the discussion around the Youth Sector Briefing, but having some computer problems. Hopefully we’ll sort these out over the weekend.

One of these will argue that the Briefing is in danger of floating free from the specific circumstances we are living through ; that it either ignores or misunderstands the impact of neo-liberalism on young people, youth workers , youth organisations and education at all levels.

So to get you thinking here are a few links for the weekend.

George Osborne’s War On the Young Will Screw the Tories in the End

‘New managerialism’ in education: the organisational form of neoliberalism

“Neoliberalism” is it?

and a TED talk by Yanis Varoufakis

Capitalism will eat democracy – unless we speak up 


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