Bring back part time community youth work degree

The part-time degree at Ulster University is being cut and one of the students has launched this petition.

Bring back part time community youth work degree

I would like to ask people to sign this petition, as it is something I feel strongly about. Alot of people including myself will be affected by the decision to cut the part time youth work degree. The part time degree allows for people who are already youth workers to continue their development while also letting them continue to work face to face with young people . It means people in full time employment to continue their education and gives everyone a fair chance at better educating themselves. Taking away the part time degree will affect a lot of older students who have responsibilities. I just want to drum up as much support as possible. It’s time the university know how many people care.

From discussions on Facebook too it’s clear that this petition should also be supported by a campaign to restore staffing levels on the community youth work programmes.

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