Youth March For Housing, March 6 -Brixton

Youth March for Housing

“Why do buildings have to be knocked down? Everyone should have a home in their home town”
– Blaise (12 years old, in Brixton)

On 6 March young people in London will be assembling to make the following demands:

✓ Stop demolishing our homes
✓ Build more council houses
✓ Councils should resist applying the housing bill
✓ Scrap the Housing Bill

In 2015 members of the anti-gentrification community campaign ‘Our Brixton’ delivered free arts workshops for young people at Cressingham Gardens Estate. The estate faces an ongoing threat of demolition by Lambeth Council, with hundreds of residents facing displacement and homelessness. The arts workshops titled ‘The Art of Change’ served to provide young people in the area with the opportunity to discuss and understand the changes they are seeing around them, in their community and at home.

Listen to ‘Make a Change’ a song about housing, written and recorded by young people at the workshops:

But the participants, aged 9-18 years old, decided that they wanted to go one step further than just recording the song; they wanted to march.

Update: Due to restraints from the police and TFL, this will now be a static protest in two locations:

1PM – Windrush Square
2PM – Cressingham Gardens Estate

More info at Youth Shout for Housing

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