Plus ça change? UK Youth absorbs NCVYS functions

CYPN reports on further developments in the relationship between UK Youth, AMBITION and NCVYS, the latter, formerly the independent voice of the voluntary youth sector, disappearing from the scene sadly on April Fools Day – not much to smile about all round. As we noted in our last post on the subject, The NCVYS closure, we are unclear as to where this takeover of NCVYS’s functions leaves the necessity for a critical and independent voluntary youth sector voice.

UK Youth


UK Youth to take on NCVYS functions

A UK Youth spokesman said: UK Youth actively promotes collaboration across the youth sector and, following the sector consultation carried out with Ambition and NCVYS, UK Youth will also be leading on the youth sector Chair’s Taskforce to explore opportunities for further sector partnership and consolidation.

“UK Youth very much looks forward to working with Ambition to continue to tackle the challenges which the youth sector faces, to promote the value and impact of local and regional youth projects, and to secure the additional sources of funding needed to sustain the sector.” 


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