Boycott the ‘Innovation’ fund for anti-radicalisation projects 

I’m dashing so I’ve not the time to dismantle yet again the contradictions of the RESPECT agenda – but see Are you a youth worker, who’s a Green and anti-capitalist? Beware of PREVENT!  and Radicalisation Awareness in Australia : Greens dubbed terrorists again! 

But my gut reaction is that enough is enough in terms of this deeply divisive and irrational programme of intervention. The very fact that I can say explicitly and proudly that I want young people to be radicalised, to desire radical change in an unjust and unequal society illustrates the absurdity of using ‘radicalisation’ pejoratively.

It would be a radical and democratic act if we boycotted this spurious funding stream, which continues to demonise Muslim young people and implies that questioning the state of British society is extremist.


A total of £1.5m has been set aside by government to fund innovative projects that work to prevent young people from being radicalised, it has been announced.

Source: Innovation fund opens for anti-radicalisation projects | Children & Young People Now

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