Working with Girls and Young Women Conference: ‘Challenging Ideas of Control and Consent’ October 22



Organised by : Feminist Webs, Youth and Policy and The Empowerment People

Working with Girls and Young Women Conference: ‘Challenging Ideas of Control and Consent’

A space to debate and share good practice

We are delighted to announce that this Conference will be taking place at Hinsley Hall, Leeds in October 2016.

The conference will include a mix of plenary/presentation-style sessions, workshops and interactive events.

Conference Participants are invited to offer workshops for sharing ideas, interests and practice.

We are look for a range of people to be involved e.g. people who run girls’ groups, people who work in Universities or research youth work/ feminism/ anti-sexist work, and other people who can bring useful understanding and experiences to this topic. We are especially interested to hear from people who represent lesser-heard groups, e.g. working class women, Black and Asian women (and women from other minoritised ethnicities), women with disabilities, trans women, LGB women etc.

All women who define as women welcome. We expect all women who come along to the space to be respectful of one another.

The space if for us to explore and discuss together. We cannot promise it will always feel like a ‘safe space’, as we want it to be a place where ideas and assumptions can be discussed and challenged.

However, we have an anti-discrimination stance, and will challenge racist, homophobic, sexist or ablest sentiments; or similar actions that infringe on the human rights/safety of others.

The National Lottery Awards for All programme is part-funding this event.

There are a limited number of FREE places for those who deliver a workshop or give a presentation. Email for details of how to contribute a workshop.

DRAFT programme is below:

Saturday 22nd October

10.00              Registration

11.00              Jayne Senior and Akemia Minot  –( Risky Business)

with Question  and  Answer session

12.30              Lunch – Dining Room

13.30              Workshop session 1

14.45              Coffee – Lounge

15.00           Workshops – Session 2

16.15              Coffee – Lounge

16.30              Workshops – Session 3

18.00              Evening Meal – Dining Room

19.00         ARCHIVE magical mystery tour.

.                 Girls work revisited History evening:


Saturday 23rd  October

8.30                Breakfast – Dining Room

9.15                Panel: Where is the girls work and where will it be in the future? –  what do young women want from it?

10.45              Coffee

11.15              Workshops – Session 4

13.00              Network/ Lunch – Dining Room

14.00              Head home

Saturday, 22 October 2016 at 10:00 – Sunday, 23 October 2016 at 14:00 (BST)

Hinsley Hall – 62 Headingley Lane, , LS6 2BX – View Map


    • No plans. In the first place it would be up to some of us men to get our act together and explore doing something.
      I’d be more than interested as author of a piece going back to 1981 on ‘Anti-Sexist Work with Young Men’. However I’m not clear what’s going on nowadays, apart from isolated instances. What do you reckon?

      • Hi Tony, good to be back in touch with you as its a good few years since we met at a FDYW Conference! My understanding is there are some projects working with young men but these tend to be focussed in specific areas, predominantly in the South East of England. I would be keen on exploring the opportunity to develop a network of voluntary groups, which often operate in isolation, that are engaging with the topic of masculinity in some way. I have recently set up my own website and have established a group that meets monthly here in Lancaster to discuss aspects of masculinity. My own personal focus is a drive to increase my understanding of the social and cultural construction of masculinities in contemporary Britain, with a hope of enabling us to better prepare future generations of young men. I do this voluntarily and would definitely be up for helping to get something off the ground.

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