Parties, Social Movements and Communities in CONCEPT, the Community Education journal

This summer’s issue of CONCEPT leads off with an optimistic and prescient piece by the late and much missed Doreen Massey. Written a year ago she explores the traumatic tumult within the Labour Party, the unexpected election of Jeremy Corbyn and whether these herald the emergence of a radical politics from below, which challenges the creed of TINA. Interestingly we have not said much about these developments on our blog, even though a number of our readers are very involved in the internal struggle to shift the Labour Party to the Left, to some renewed version of social-democracy. However at our recent national conference it was agreed that we should approach  Corbyn with a view to discussing his understanding of youth work and its place in an educational ‘cradle to grave’, holistic commitment.


At conference too we touched briefly once more on the relationship between youth and community, stimulated by the critical perspective from Annette Coburn and Sinead Gormally, both now working in Scotland, and concerns arising from the ‘Shaping the Future’ exercise undertaken by the UK-wide Professional Association of Youth and Community Lecturers. In this context the article on the Community Development Projects [CDP] of the 1970’s offers much food for thought, hopefully not just for those of us, for whom CDP was and remains an inspiration.

Neil Saddington writes:

The latest issue of Concept is now available free on line. Please see below for the contents of this issue and a link to the journal.

Please also feel free to comment on the latest issue and any of the articles or book reviews within it. It would be good to have some debate and dialogue on the page. Thanks

The journal can be found here:

Vol 7, No 2 (2016): Summer
Table of Contents


Exhilarating Times
Doreen Massey

A General Theory of Everything
Mike Newman

Solidarity Activism, Campaigning and Knowledge Production: Challenging Refugee Inc. The Case of G4S and Corporate Asylum Markets.
John Grayson

Re-visiting the Community Development Projects of the 1970s in the UK
Mae Shaw, Andrea Armstrong, Gary Craig

Book Review: Paterson, L. (2015) Social Radicalism and Liberal Education
Jim Crowther

Book Review: Meade, R. & Dukelow, F. (2015). Defining Events: Power, Resistance and Identity in Twenty-First-Century Ireland,
Liam Kane

Book Review: Ismail, S. (2015) The Victoria Mxenge Housing Project: Women Building Communities Through Social Activism and Informal Learning
Jane Jones

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