Let’s spread the love: European Academy on Youth Work – call for contributions


As we said last week, chatting about youth work is so important. It’s been great to see the ongoing debates about recents posts on our Facebook group. So let’s keep those discussions going and broaden their reach – we have just received this message from the European Academy on Youth Work. Hopefully a few of you can find the time to submit something. Note, the deadline is 30th October.

The first edition of the European Academy on Youth Work “Innovation, Current Trends and Developments in Youth Work “(21 – 24 May 2019, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia) is currently looking for contributions to the EAYW

Coming from youth work practice, research or policy as well as from other sectors of relevance for youth. This call is for contributions to the contents of the programme that  help  to  meet  the purposes  of  the  EAYW, namely  to support innovation and  quality  development  in  youth  work  and  youth  work  policy  and  to  inform  on  new trends.

 The EAYW aims to support innovation in youth work and youth work policy and to promote the development of quality youth work. It contributes to creating further a common ground on youth work and youth work policy in Europe. In this respect, it works on the demands of the Second European Youth Work Convention to further develop the concepts and practice of youth work, to find strategies to work on the current and emerging challenges faced by young people and to renew its practice and strategies according to the changes and trends in society and politics. 

The call and further information about the EAYW can be found here.

We warmly invite you to consider and spread the call within your networks.

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