So, were we happy? The IDYW 2019 conference on youth work and wellbeing

IDYW conf
IDYW 2019 – thanks to Bianca Todd via Facebook

Thanks to all who made it to Birmingham (despite some challenging train chaos) for our 2019 conference: If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands: youth work and wellbeing?

The day was a space for some welcome grounded critical thinking and debate on the ideas of happiness and wellbeing, both of which are too often taken for granted as ‘good things’ that any right-minded youth worker would want for any young person. Here we were able to take some time out to think about happiness and wellbeing in their wider political, economic and social context, as well as discussing what all this means for youth workers and young people on the ground. And we were proud to finish with a launch of our steering group member Bernard Davies’ new book, Austerity, Youth Policy, and the Deconstruction of the Youth Service in England.

We hope to publish some reflections on the day soon – for now, thanks to our steering group member Tony Taylor, and regular supporter James Ballantyne, for their own blogs on the conference. All in all, a stimulating day. Any ideas for the theme of our next event?!



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