Radical pedagogies: Macpherson 20 years on

Thanks to the Voice 

We encourage youth and community workers to send workshop proposals and/or go along to the forthcoming conference on ‘Radical Pedagogies’ organised by De Montfort University (DMU) in conjunction with the Stephen Lawrence Research Centre and the Freedom to Achieve project at DMU. Ideas should be sent by 5th July and the conference itself is on 19th September in Leicester. We are passing on the following message from the organisers:

The one-day event will be held in Leicester on 19 September, and is free with some travel bursaries available. It is an opportunity to explore and discuss issues such as (although not exclusively):

  • how far recommendations 67 and 68 of Macpherson have been implemented and had an impact, not just in schools, but across the education sector?
  • whether a focus on the curriculum goes far enough in addressing institutional racism in education?
  • has the focus on working class white boys shifted the attention/discourse away from institutional racism in education?
  • what needs to be done to close the attainment gap?

Further information is available here. We include an excerpt to give you a flavour of the event:

The main focus of the event will be on how radical pedagogies can be used to highlight and address issues relating to race and institutional discrimination. This event is not constrained by subject area, discipline or geographical location and is not just open to academics. We hope that researchers, PhD students, learning technologists, library professionals, academics, teachers, parents, students, educational activists and anyone interested in radical pedagogies, both within the UK and internationally, will consider contributing to and attending the event.

We are therefore looking for proposals for papers and interactive sessions (the more interactive the better!) or more innovative and radical session proposals for this one-day event.

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