A rare opportunity to hear Michelle Fine speak about ‘youth under siege’

Courtesy of the Manchester Centre for Youth Studies [MCYS], youth workers in the North-West will have a rare and enticing opportunity in September to hear one of the leading lights of critical psychology, Michelle Fine. Her fine-tuned perspective is all the more relevant when our National Youth Agency is seeking to claim that the formulaic generalisations of normative adolescent psychology ought to underpin our practice with young people – see its Youth Covenant.

Michelle Fine

MCYS is delighted to host a public lecture by distinguished professor Michelle Fine; Professor of Critical Psychology, Women’s Studies, American Studies and Urban Education at the Graduate Centre, City University of New York. A pioneer in the field of Youth Participatory Action Research, and a founding faculty member of the Public Science Project, Professor Fine has been involved with a series of participatory studies with youth and elders, incarcerated and formerly incarcerated college students and youth working at the intersections of movements for educational, immigration and juvenile justice.

Professor Fine will be speaking on the topic ‘Critical participatory action research with youth under siege: queer, Muslim and growing up policed’.

Date & Time: Wednesday 11th September from 5.30pm to 7.00pm.

Venue: Manchester School of Art – Benzie Building.

This is a free event and can be booked through Eventbrite using the link below.


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