Questions for Paulo on his 100th Birthday – A workshop for celebration & diffraction of Freire’s work

Please join In Defence of Youth Work, Institute of Youth Work & TAG/PALYCW to discuss the relevance of Paulo to youth work today especially in relation to Anti-Oppressive Practice.

‘What does ‘anti-oppressive practice’ mean in youth and community work now? This event invites youth and community workers of all generations to meet to explore the impact of powerful political agendas on practice and what the wisdom of Paolo Freire’s approach to education for the practice of freedom offers in the context of contemporary crises.

There will be provocations by :

  • Rick Bowler
  • Mike Winseal
  • Liz Wooley
  • Susan Atkins
  • Ruth Richardson
  • Christine Smith
  • Steph Green
  • Janet Batsleer

Plus opportunities to work in small groups to sharpen our perspectives on these themes.

Book here:

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