Defend Hamish Murphy

Hamish Murphy, Principal Lecturer in Youth and Community work at Glyndwr University and a supporter of our Campaign has been dismissed because of his trade union activities.

A Facebook, Support and Defend Hamish Murphy has been created to support his appeal for reinstatement. It tells us:

Hamish Murphy, Principal Lecturer in Youth & Community Studies at
Glyndwr University has been dismissed for his trade union activities.
Please support the call for his immediate reinstatement. Hamish has
been a youth worker for over 35 years, mostly in Edinburgh but more
recently in Wrexham as a volunteer and committee chair within his
village youth club. He has been a detached youth worker, managing one
street-work project and chairing another city-wide one. He has been a
volunteer in a drop-in centre, run a youth information project,
initiated a drug support agency and created a youth homelessness
project. He has been a community centre manager, an adventure
playground worker and a community education services manager. Hamish
has written widely about youth work, including editing the book
Conceptualising Youth Work, and is currently working on a new book on
Youth Rights and Age Discrimination. Coming to Glyndŵr University in
1999, Hamish has lectured in Scotland, Wales and China and is an
external examiner in England. He has also undertaken consultancy work
with local authorities, voluntary organisations and trade unions
across the UK. His expertise rests in work with young people, recently
specialising in its international forms though he has also been active
in ‘anti-poverty’, ‘age discrimination’ and ‘professional education’

We are being asked to e-mail Professor Mike Scott at to express our concern and argue for his

In addition the UCU has issued the following statement, which is to be found below. As things stand it appears that Hamish’s appeal is yet to be heard. Further action in support of Hamish is being planned for the coming weeks – particularly around graduation day. He continues to need our solidarity in these authoritarian times.

STATEMENT to Branch Members from UCU Wales Support Official 14th
October 2009

I can confirm that Hamish Murphy was dismissed by Helen James on
Wednesday the 5th October on the authority of the Vice-Chancellor.
Helen James stated at the beginning of the hearing that Hamish Murphy
was there in his capacity as UCU Branch Chair. I can confirm that I
believe he was sacked because of his trade union activities.

Hamish Murphy was dismissed for the part he played in producing the
UCU March issue of the UCU branch newsletter Hamish was clearly
relaying concerns expressed by members and acting in what he believed
to be the best interests of the members when he distributed the
newsletter. Hamish has never been accused of any wrongdoing as a
lecturer in Youth & Community studies and I can confirm that his
dismissal had nothing to do with his role as a lecturer.

He was accused and found guilty of the following three offences:
– Bringing the University into disrepute;
– Damaging the relationship of trust and confidence between himself
the University;
– Raising false accusations against colleagues.

These allegations refer mainly to the distribution of the March 2009
UCU  Branch Newsletter. There was also an issue raised about allegations made in what Hamish had intended to be a protected disclosure under the Universities Public Information Disclosure Policy. Hamish relayed the complaint on behalf of a number of members in a more specific way to the University soon after the newsletter came out.

We are currently taking legal advice to assist us with the appeal.

Unfortunately I cannot say any more at this stage as would not want
anything to prejudice our chances of success at the appeal and any
subsequent tribunal proceedings.

I would urge members to support the campaign to reinstate Hamish in
any way you can.

Phil Markham
UCU Wales Support Official

The winter of discontent is closing in and it is no coincidence that the bureaucracy in Higher Education is keen to strangle debate and dissidence.


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