Hamish Murphy opposes Bullying

Many reading this will be familiar with management intimidation and bullying. Only a few stand up to its insidious arrogance. It is becoming clearer that Hamish Murphy has stood up and therefore jeopardised his livelihood.

The BBC reports:

In Wrexham, the dispute centres on the dismissal of lecturer and union official Hamish Murphy three weeks ago.


The union claims Mr Murphy’s dismissal followed “a long-running dispute between between UCU and the university over management bullying and harassment”.

It claims Mr Murphy, a union branch chair, was “instrumental in exposing the serious problem of management bullying and harassment of staff at the university”.

The UCU said he was dismissed from his post as a principal lecturer in youth and community studies on 7 October and was escorted from the premises.

The UCU is appealing against the decision, and claims a recent report by the conciliation and arbitration service (Acas) “vindicated” Mr Murphy’s claims.

Acas said such reports were confidential between the parties involved, and it could not comment.

Margaret Phelan, of UCU Cymru, said: “For years the university failed to deal with the problem of bullying and harassment of staff.

‘Financially sound’

“Hamish was instrumental in bringing these issues to light and we believe that he was targeted for dismissal for this reason.

“His reinstatement would help both sides to draw a line under the problems of the past.”

The Support Group asks us:

Hamish’s appeal hearing is scheduled for 12 noon Thursday November 5th. It is vital that we keep the pressure on Vice Chancellor Mike Scott and the Glyndwr University management.

There are a number of things we are asking you to do. If you can do one of the following things that would be great, if you can do them all that would be fantastic!

– Please write letters to the Editors of the Evening Leader and Daily Post:
news@leaderlive.co.uk and letterswales@dailypost.co.uk expressing your concern at Hamish’s dismissal and calling upon Vice Chancellor Mike Scott to re-instate Hamish immediately.

– Come to Glyndwr University to show your support for Hamish on Thursday 5th November, 11.30am  (main foyer/reception)

– Please write to Welsh Assembly Members Janet Ryder (janet.ryder@wales.gov.uk), Eleanor Burnham (eleanor.burnham@wales.gov.uk)

, Lesley Griffiths (lesley.griffiths@wales.gov.uk) and Education Minister Jane Hutt (jane.hutt@wales.gov.uk) expressing your concern at Hamish’s dismissal and ask them to urge Vice Chancellor Mike Scott to re-instate Hamish immediately

– Please write to your MP expressing your concern at Hamish’s dismissal and ask him/her to urge Vice Chancellor Mike Scott to re-instate Hamish immediately.


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