My effort to give an overview of what’s going on within the campaign begins:

The past few weeks have been hectic. The first national steering group meeting was held in Wigan, whilst Sheffield and Huddersfield hosted differing, but significant gatherings of students and workers, young and a little older. Regional steering groups have met in the North-East and the West Midlands with the South-East due to meet any day now.

Within I try to mark major issues such as the way in which we might organise:

I have been caught off guard by a significant feeling amongst some supporters that we need a new professional association for youth workers; that there is a collective organisational void; and that a powerful independent voice is lacking. For what it is worth I had not seen beyond the development of a campaigning network. Ironically too I have been reading Doug Nicholl’s fascinating account of the Community and Youth Workers Union’s journey from professional association to trade union. Indeed I remember back in the late 70’s clashing within the then Community and Youth Service Association with members, who opposed the shift to becoming a trade union. In this context, is talk of a professional association a step backwards or forwards?

The full summaryMoving Forward IDYW touches also on relations with trade unions, training and education as well as reports on the many meetings held in November.


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