Official: Cabinet ministers wrong about cause of riots

Further to our coverage of the riots official sources now admit that Cameron’s, ‘it’s criminality, pure and simple’ is simplistic.

Young, poor and uneducated – but most rioters were not in gangs

For the young and the poor there are few ways to claw back status from society

UK riots analysis reveals gangs did not play pivotal role

Official figures show those arrested came from deprived backgrounds, striking a blow to theory that tackling gang culture is key to preventing repeat of disturbances.

At the recent Youth and Policy History conference two workshops examined differing interpretations of the riots, both controversial in their condemnation of the rioters as ‘stupid’ and ‘narcissistic’. Look out for a report on the conference soon.

And while you’re waiting, here is an historical overview from Jerry White of the LSE.

The history of riots in London shows that persistent inequality and injustice is always likely to breed periodic violent uprisings.

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