Youth Workers! Activists!

Firstly an apology for the lack of posts on the site – I lost the internet last Tuesday and I blame unashamedly the Troika! Hence this late notice for a brilliant initiative this coming Tuesday at the Bank of Ideas.

“Youth Workers! Activists! Let’s share, learn and collaborate!”
Thinking about how your campaigns can develop sustained engagement of young people?
Wondering how you can challenge the pressures on democratic emancipatory youth work?
Surely there is a better way to invest in young people as powerful agents of change?
Youth Workers and Activists from all different backgrounds have so much to offer each other – from understanding of how change happens, educational methodologies and a shared vision of the future, to our fights against the neoliberal agenda and present rush to privatise everything!
Come together for an open space for enquiry and learning. Meet others engaged in similar work and questions.  Explore how we can collaborate and work together in the future.
School of Ideas, Tuesday 21st February 2012, 2-4pm
Featherstone Road, Islington, London, EC1V 8RX
Organised, very loosely, by In Defence of Youth Work and FreeRadicals. For more info, call Susanna on 07415 687 108.

Thanks to Jan for the loan of her laptop and connection.

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