The Power of Twitter!? Do you support unemployed young folk?

First Facebook, Twitter and, hold on, the Daily Mail force TESCO into a headlong retreat over their abuse of the Work Programme and now Jane Melvin’s tweets on Clegg’s weary recycled Youth Contract lead to the BBC looking for the views of youth workers.

Jane blogs:

Was contacted by a BBC Newsround reporter last night as a result of comments that I was posting relating to Nick Clegg’s launch of the Youth Contract yesterday.

He’s looking to follow some case studies of youth workers who have supported NEET young people into work, on the basis that many NEET young people are not ‘work-ready’ because they have multiple issues going on in their lives that need to be resolved first.

My comment was that £2000 doesn’t seem like much money to give an employer in order to support a possibly quite needy young person for a minimum of 6 months. After all, how much did Connexions intensive support services cost nationally?

If you’ve got any students or contacts who might be interested in being contacted, please contact Dave Howard  through Twitter @DaveHowa4d. I also have his email – contact me as I don’t want to publish it.

Jane can be contacted through the TAG blog, BLOG4TAG

And in passing we are entitled to ask how does Clegg’s vision of support for the young unemployed fit with the news that

One in three schools has no plan to deliver careers advice

And going back to the Work Programme evidence that protest works.

Work experience scheme in disarray as Tesco and other retailers change tack

Supermarket offers paid work to unemployed people on coalition scheme, while Argos and Superdrug suspend involvement



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