In our book. This is Youth Work, one of the stories focuses on the use and impact of the ‘stop and search’ tactic by the police upon young people. As we know this issue was at the heart of the unrest, which triggered last year’s riots – see The Police had it Coming.

We’ve just received notice from Munir Mohammed, a youth worker with SE1 United, who is looking to use dance as a medium for raising further the dilemmas.

Basically I need people to get involved in a Flashmob I am organising  “Stop and Search Yourself” : A dance/performance about the issue of stop and search. 

(Highlighting the issues with stop and search, mainly how it unfairly targets some groups over others)
****(Rehearsals will take place Saturdays and Sundays 1.05 pm @ in the Royal Festival hall  in Waterloo )**
Get back to me if your are interested/Know people who are interested, in getting involved in either: and as a gesture of your support, get involved in this event by: Joining in rehearsals/Learning more  about  the  Flashmob @ The Royal Festival Hall ..or forward on to others who may be interested in rehearsing the actual Flashmob routine///simply ‘performing’ the stop and search’ bit on the day//Or joining up in solidarity with issue.

The display itself is a special designed  Flashmob ,with a street dance routine of the ”routine check” as it were (so we’ll look somewhat ‘cool’) doing it as well :)…..and its really simple !! The music we’re doing this to is a mix of: Krs1 ” Sound of the police”,  Michael Jackson “beat it”  as well as the Mitchell brothers ”Routine check” …so this will be a lot fun 🙂 . Nevertheless the message will remain visually clear!!

Please circulate – contact Munira at muni_543@hotmail.com

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