A new youth work web site has emerged in recent weeks to much acclaim. Its creator, Tony Brown,tells us:

My intention in creating this site is to give people who currently work with young people and those who have a desire to work with young people, a practical and user friendly guide to planning and delivering high quality youth provision. is not an academic site and I will not make any major references to youth work theory. That is not what this site is for. It is an on site guide, full of useful advice and guidance which have all been tested and proven to be effective.

Now please do not misunderstand me, I believe there is a place for academia and theory within youth work, however, the focus of this book is strictly about the practice of youth work.

Already there have been posts on consulting young people effectively; seven tips on surviving a four evening week in the club; and dealing with professional snobbery. Two of the posts appear also in podcast form for the hard of reading. Seriously though I should be looking at the possibilities of the occasional podcast for this site.

As should be the case differing interpretations of practice quickly surface. As an advocate of improvisatory youth work I think Tony’s emphasis on structure is problematic.  However I should explain this more and Tony has opened his blog to other people’s contributions. Hence the ball is in my court! And I’ve never liked the Toolbox analogy – the implication that there are particular youth work spanners, which unlock  particular dilemmas. So there’s another explanation needed!

Here’s hoping the site goes from strength to strength.

Well worth a regular visit at Youth Work Toolbox






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