Feminist Webs National Launch & International Women's Day

Youth work has a rich and proud tradition of work with girls and young women. On International Women’s Day it is inspiring to see the positive re-emergence of a feminist commitment to youth work, expressed through the network, Feminist Webs. On Saturday, March 10 the movement is holding its 2012 Launch Women and Girls Are Strong  at the People’s History Museum, Left Bank, Manchester from noon until 4.30 p.m.

More details Launch-event-10th-March-exhibition-flyer

It is sobering to look back on the struggles faced by pioneering women within youth work. One of the most influential was Lily Montagu [1873 – 1963], one of the founders of the National Association of Girls’ Clubs. A short and insightful biography by Jean Spence can be found on the INFED site.

lily montagu, girls’ work and youth work

And, as a shot across the bows of those, who believe the fight for women’s emancipation has gone too far, read

The feminisation of poverty and the myth of the ‘welfare queen’


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