Youth & Policy – from welfare via Beirut and Dewey to activism and living alone.

As ever it’s a warm welcome to the latest Youth & Policy, which contains a promising mix of articles, including one from IDYW stalwarts Kalbir Shukra, Malcolm Ball and Katy Brown on ‘Young People shaping their worlds’ and Jon Ord on the continuing significance of John Dewey. In the new Thinking Space there’s a timely and challenging contribution from Tom Wylie on the issue of the Institute of Youth Work.  Much to munch and muse upon.

Youth and Policy 108

The new issue (number 108) is now available.


Young People, Welfare Reform and Social Insecurity – Margaret Melrose

Buses from Beirut: Young People, Bus Travel and Anti-Social Behaviour – Stephen Moore

Participation and Activism: Young people shaping their worlds – Kalbir Shukra, Malcolm Ball and Katy Brown

John Dewey and Experiential Learning: Developing the theory of youth work – Jon Ord

Home Alone? Practitioners’ Reflections on the Implications of Young People Living Alone – Kayleigh Garthwaite

THINKING SPACE: An Institute for Youth Work? – Tom Wylie


The Journal is free to view and to download. It is available in pdf. You will need Adobe Reader or another pdf reader to view it. You can download Reader free. There are also free Kindle versions and e-reader (epub) versions.




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