Institute for Youth Work stakeholders : A Gap Analysis?

Alright I might be a crust short of a pie, a bit out of touch, but I’m having problems keeping up. Hard on the heels of other requests for urgent responses comes this plea from the NYA. Evidently the key stakeholders [Oh, how I hate that neo-liberal term! It just conjures up an image of Peter Cushing and crowd pursuing Dracula in an old Hammer horror film.]  represented in the Support and Challenge group are ‘engaging in a ‘Gap Analysis’ and impact work’. Hence they are asking for your organisation’s views by March 26 upon a gap and impact consultation paper, which lays out the proposed purpose of the Institute for Youth Work. Reply using the consultation response form.

Interestingly the long-serving Education and Training Standards Committee [ETS] of the NYA is now leading on this next stage of the discussion about the efficacy of an IYW. Is ETS  a new Support and Challenge group or a sub-group? I’ll dig out which notables are members, given the fuss we made about the composition of the Support and Challenge groups recently.

The Education and Training Standards Committee (ETS) of the National Youth Agency is leading on a project to explore the feasibility of an Institute for Youth Work (IYW).

The ETS oversees the work of the NYA to ensure the quality and development of professional youth work training within England. It is the only officially constituted body that brings together representatives of employers and practitioners in voluntary and local authority sectors, employer and staff sides of JNC, training agencies, regional youth work units and field representatives. Strong, cross-sector leadership of the IYW is essential to ensure that it is genuinely sector led and sustainable, and the ETS is in a strong position to ensure this.

If any reader is seeing the wood for the trees, I’ll be only too pleased to hear about and share their clarity of thought. And, if you are responding to the Gap analysis, you’d better get a move on.


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  1. Crap….Clicked on something and lost what I wrote, which was pretty fluid, so I’ll try and start again…..I also can’t see the wood for the trees, I’m stuggling to also keep up. My main struggle is that only 231 people responded to the consultation and yet it is being progressed on this basis. Is this going to be pushed through regardless of either an apathy of youth workers failing to respond or the fact it is felt the responses are reflective. My worry also is that the NYA is seeking the views around JNC qualified youth workers……survey questions the cost implications. I may be going of the mark slightly, but a few glasses of wine don’t help! Is the JNC qualification under threat on top of the funding cuts to youth work services across the country?!!!!

    JNC under threat – The Institute for Employment Studies (IES) through NYA is seeking the views of JNC qualified youth workers and employers on occupational regulation. This research is being conducted for the UK Commission for Employment and Skills looking at a range of voluntary and mandatory occupational regulation schemes across eight sectors. Please complete this survey by the 26 March

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