It can hardly be a surprise, given the general attack on national pay agreements, but the JNC looks under severe threat. Why? I can only suggest you look at the

Government research into workforce training
and skills in your industry

A survey by the Institute for Employment Studies for UKCES

As ever you wonder who has the time or inclination to respond to these snap surveys. This one takes you down differing routes, according to whether you are an employer or worker. And the questions seem to me loaded. Here are a few of those posed to the employer.

6. What concerns do you have as an employer (if any) about the qualification requirements for JNC professionally qualified Youth Workers or Youth Support Workers? (tick all that apply)

It means increased costs to the business generally
It means increased bureaucracy to the business
It means skills shortages
It means difficulties accessing training
It means increased costs for training
It means poaching of staff by other employers
It means problems getting staff qualified to meet the standards of the scheme.
It means concerns over inspection/compliance regimes
None of these
Don’t know
Not applicable
Other – please give details

9. Do you think JNC professionally qualified Youth Workers or qualified Youth Support Workers have a brand image that is well recognised by other employers in your industry?

Don’t know


14. Without being JNC professionally qualified Youth Workers or qualified Youth Support Workers, do you think that people working in this occupation generally possess the skills necessary to perform at the expected level?

Don’t know


20. Do the JNC professionally recognised qualifications increase wage costs for your organisation?

A great extent


To some extent


To a small extent


Not at all


Don’t know


Throughout my time in youth work I’ve defended resolutely JNC pay and conditions. On the other hand I’ve never believed that the JNC qualification is the only passport to being a committed and skilled practitioner. However, is this a time to close ranks around a defence of JNC per se? Or is the die cast? What do you think? What word from the trade unions?





  1. Looks to me…..responding from both fronts a pretermined and loaded questionnaire which will give the answers they want, not what respondents actually believe! no room for additional comments until the last page. Shame on them!

  2. Sweet jebus! it also looks like it was written by a marketing graduate that never heard of a youth worker before handed the brief the creat the survey.

    Is it to late to get a trademark on the youth worker ‘brand’?

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