Flourishing under Caring Capitalism : Commission on Youth Engagement

David Cameron and Philip Blond at the Launch of Respublica.





A fascinating and intriguing development emerges. NCVYS have joined forces with the sophisticated right libertarian think-tank, Respublica, in launching a Commission to explore the impact of youth engagement.

The commission has been set up as a response to the riots with the aim of “redefining the debate” surrounding the disturbances, by joining social theory with direct work with young people.

We are well up for the debate.

NCVYS chief executive Susanne Rauprich said: “As we approach the anniversary of the August 2011 riots, the commission will offer space for reflection, dialogue and debate.

We embrace critical dialogue.

“We will be working with experts in our membership and academics to match real life experience of working with young people with social theory and existing research. By partnering with ResPublica we hope to develop solutions with an influential and independent think tank that can help us to steer change.”

IDYW is keen on social theory and has supporters/academics with recent and relevant research under their belts.

However the independent and influential think tank, Respublica, has an explicit ideological agenda – the project of radical transformative conservatism. We wonder whether dissenting voices might be heard?



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