Our Book Inspires Further Training and Development

The workshops based on our book, This is Youth Work, continue to provoke debate, difference and solidarity, the latest held in Liverpool at the end of March. The next event in the diary is to take place in Newcastle on Monday, April 23 – see here – whilst forthcoming dates include May 11, Plymouth and May 28, Coventry.

London has been a particular hot-bed of activity and two spin-offs are now being promoted.

(1) IDYW ACTION LEARNING SET – a six month initial commitment to monthly half-day session.  Only 8 places available.

The set will work as a group to develop and support their practice through a range of activities: Using Open Space Technology to hold issue based conversations; Skills focused workshops; Group/Peer supervision; project exchanges; bring our young people together for a summer activity; and creating our own This is Youth Work Stories.

Starting with an exploratory session on Friday 4th May am to explore what everyone wants from the group and how we wish to develop it. Venue to be announced.

(2) Training for anyone interested in facilitating IDYW workshops

Following the success of the recent Stories workshop and interest from others to facilitate, we will have a half-day FREE FACILITATOR TRAINING WORKSHOP for anyone interested in joining a pool of Stories workshop facilitators.  Approx 15 places available.
The workshop will include: understanding the role of the facilitator; use of games etc in workshops; and sharing reflections on the Stories workshops so far.  Workshop will be use a range of tools and activities throughout that can then be used by facilitators in other workshops.

Friday 20th April, 10am to 1pm.  Venue to be confirmed.

Please contact Susanna, sdarch@gmail.com about either of these opportunities.

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