Young People celebrating the Royal Jubilee or 'God Save the Queen, a Fascist regime'?

This is a serious and open question. What’s the crack in terms of young people and the Royal Jubilee? Is it being talked about or ignored? Over at the British Youth Council  we find the following:

Celebrate the Royal Jubilee with BYC – win a £30 voucher in our photo competition!

In this year of 60th Diamond Jubilee, we want to know what BYC members and young people are doing to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s big anniversary. Send us your photos of how you’ll be marking the day, be it at a street party, big organised event or something more intimate with friends and family. We’re offering a £30 voucher to the photographer who best captures the spirit of the celebrations.

This unquestioning embrace of the celebrations in tune with SKY’s fawning propaganda – that the whole nation is at one in awe of Her Majesty – is at odds with my memories of the Silver Jubilee in 1977. Sure the youth club, where I worked, had a strong contingent of punks, but the majority of young people there warmed to the anti-monarchist sentiment of the banned Sex Pistols, ‘God Save the Queen’. As a staunch republican I was sentimentally sympathetic. Perhaps more significantly, as we entered the beginnings of the neo-liberal era with rising youth unemployment the repeated ‘No Future’ in the song’s lyrics resonated with how young people were beginning to feel. In this context, in 2012 with one million young unemployed, what place has the Diamond Jubilee in the hearts of this generation of young people?


One comment

  1. No punks, unfortunately, but quite a bit of anti-monarchy sentiment from young people in general conversation. That BYC photo competition really does call for some joke pictures!

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