Safer Neighbourhoods = No Young People? Sinister!

Am I being over-sensitive? This Safer Neighbourhoods poster, ‘Spot the Difference’, fills me with dread. It borders on the fascist. The demonised young people disappear. To where? To which containment zones, to which boot camps? They might well be too young or old for that nice Mr Cameron’s National Citizen’s Service. Frightening!

One comment on “Safer Neighbourhoods = No Young People? Sinister!

  1. Twinkle013 says:

    Has to be said this message makes me very cross, ‘getting rid’ of young people will resolve nothing, they have the right to be here.

    As a youth worker i work very closely with empowering young people to feel they have the right to be someone, and suggesting that it is only young people who are at the centre of the problems is awful

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