Where Next Workshops, November 29/30 – Loose Structure, Collective Improvisation!




{FROM 11.00 AM TO 4.00PM}

LOOSE STRUCTURE FOR BOTH DAYS – given our improvisatory and negotiating skills!

  1. Starting from the discussion paper, ‘Where Next?’ Tony Taylor will paint the broader canvas of developments since the Campaign’s emergence nearly 4 years ago.

  2. Bernard Davies will introduce an exploration of our definition of youth work as voluntary association without compulsion and sanction in the context of the significant shift to imposed, targeted practice with young people.

  3. Malcolm Ball will lead a discussion on the impact of managerialism and commissioning upon the outlook of the so-called youth sector, its organisations, its management, the training agencies and upon such developments as the Institute of Youth Work.

  4. Tania de St Croix will ponder the emergence of National Citizens Service, old traditions dressed up in new clothing?

  5. Sue Atkins will revisit yet again the question of youth participation – our perennial desire. How are we to understand its latest manifestations – youth advisers, youth Members of Parliament , youth experts, youth proofing and the like?

  6. Tony Taylor will suggest that the overwhelming emphasis upon Outcomes is yet another attempt to impose order on the unruly, uncertain and unusual terrain of youth work.

  7. Together we will think about how we should organise the campaign and what might be its priorities in the coming months.

Our introduction to these themes will be around 5 minutes, leaving as much time as possible for collective rumination. We hope the participants will have spent some time with the discussion paper and the responses.

We will take an half-hour break at 1 o’clock for lunch, which participants need to provide for themselves. Tea and coffee will be available. Further details on the venues will appear at http://www.indefenceofyouthwork.org.uk/wordpress/

There are still a few places available – mailto:tonymtaylor@gmail.com

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