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As we look forward to next week’s IDYW conference on March 8th in Leeds a mix of fundamental and practical issues emerge.

1. At each annual conference we welcome nominations for the steering group, which tries its best to keep the IDYW show on the road. This year the members have been Sue Atkins, Malcolm Ball, Andy Brown,Tania de St Croix, Bernard Davies, Pauline Grace, Susanna Hunter-Darch, Diane Law, Anne Marron, Don MacDonald with Tony Taylor as Co-ordinator. As far as commitment goes this is very much a matter of negotiation. Whilst we hold a SKYPE meeting each month to keep abreast of affairs, not everyone is able to fit these into busy diaries. However members of the group tend to take responsibility for particular aspects of the Campaign’s work. For example this year Bernard, Susanna and Tania have led on the workshops programme, Sue, Malcolm and Anne on the Choose Youth/Institute of Youth Work front, whilst Pauline has developed our European links. In recent months Don and Anne have prioritised the SOS campaign in Newcastle with Diane heading up the conference organisation.

In this context we hope you might consider putting yourself forward or persuading someone else to be part of the 2013/14 steering group. If you can’t get to conference, indicate your interest by mailing Tony on before Thursday, March 7th. Nominations will be accepted at the conference itself before lunch.

2. During the year we have been very conscious of the relatively weak links between the steering group and the Campaign’s supporters. Although it must be stressed that across a range of seminars and book workshops we have been in intimate and critical contact with almost 300 people. Nevertheless we want to facilitate a discussion in the coming months, which looks at democratising our Campaign, including the possibility of a simple constitution. During this process we intend to use the internet device, Surveymonkey, to test out what you are thinking and feeling.

3. Much more immediately on Friday we are going to defy the long-standing cultural antipathy in youth work circles to punctuality! In short we are going to kick off on time at 11.00 a.m. So please make every effort to be as early as you can manage, especially as we will taking money on the door etc. Drinks will be available. Continuing the chase against the clock can you also make sure you do bring your own lunch. As it happens there isn’t a nearby sandwich shop, but we are confident that on your travels you will pass many such outlets! End of sermon!

Further info on the conference – March 2013 Burley Lodge

Places still available. Indeed if you turn up on the day, we won’t turn you away!

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