Creating Resistance, Making History : Synergy in Leeds

Crammed into the Burley Lodge Centre

Over the weekend of March 8/9/10 an icy Leeds witnessed both the In Defence and Youth & Policy conferences. There was a remarkable synergy between the two events. True to the Greek origins of the word from synergia meaning ‘working together’ energy and creativity flowed from one to the other , involving a cross-section of participants – students, workers, managers, academics and researchers from across the UK and indeed the globe! The USA,  Japan, France and Flanders were represented. Across the next week we will be posting a number of reflections upon the proceedings and proposals for action.

Caught up in argumentative debate

For the moment just to thank everyone, who contributed to an exploration of both past and present, which spoke constantly to the contemporary dilemmas facing youth and community work. Watch this space for further reports.



  1. At this event we critically evaluated outcomes and in particular looked at a new publication from the government with a ‘normal’ brain and I guess an ‘un-normal’ brain on the cover and a pile of gold bars next to the ‘un-normal’ brain. Could someone please link me to this document??

    Many thanks.

    • Jim

      The publication Ian referred to in his contribution at the conference was ‘Early Intervention : Smart Investment, Massive Savings’ The second independent report – Graham Allen, published by HM Government, July 2011.

  2. This was my first IDYW conference and I was really inspired and happily surprised to see that there was a general consensus among those in attendance about the core values that underpin youth work, and the distinction between youth work and working with young people. Maybe I ought not to have been surprised but this has not always been my experience It was wonderful that IDYW were able to create a space that allowed the passion, enthusiasm and commitment to youth work to flow freely, while allowing us to questions and reflect on our practice. Thank you. I sincerely look forward to future events.

    • Helena

      Many thanks for the encouragement and support. The day did feel positive and challenging. Keep visiting the web site to keep abreast of what we are up to!

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