Misspent Youth in Haringey : More Obfuscation by the Council?

Ahead of tonight’s Youth Service scrutiny meeting the Council seems to be trying to confuse the situation, suggesting that the Community Analysis has been produced by a shadowy anonymous group. Jason Akinfenwa puts the record straight.

Dear Councillors
Ahead of Haringey Council’s scrutiny meeting this evening a report has been submitted outlining the concerns from the community.
Contrary to what the council has informed the local and national media today, this report was not anonymously written and was submitted to the council earlier this week using official channels to give them ample time to consider its contents. 
There is no need for the council to issue a “Banksy style plea” for the authors to “come forward”, we have never hidden our identities and have ample evidence we have tried to engage in dialogue with this council in excess of 50 occasions. 
Therefore, as a parent, I ask the council respectfully not to continue this facade as it is not a good example to set the youths who are watching this issue as it unfolds.
The main findings of the report are as follows
  • Despite an alleged budget cut of the youth service in 2011, the budget increased from £1.8m to over £2.1m 
  • Despite having an increase in its budget, council run youth activities have dropped from 130hrs a week to barely 20hrs
  • On several occasions, activities we were informed were run by the council transpired to be run by other organisations
  • The numbers of young people the service has worked with has halved from 2010 and 2013
  • The number of young people the service worked with outside of the summer & those commissioned to other organisations is under 300 for the whole year. 
  • There are no targets or performance measurements in the strategy and no one knows what the service is meant to be achieving, including the council itself.
We have presented evidenced facts we have ascertained from the council, we are giving the council the opportunity this evening to seek its own investigation before we look to present our findings to the Local Government Ombudsman.
We have attached the report for your reference or it is down loadable on the In Defence of Youth Work website.
We look forward to your constructive response and action in the hope our shared ambition to help our the youths of Haringey is met.
Best Wishes
J. Akinfenwa

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