CYP Now investigates the state of youth work provision – Tight deadline!

We’ve only just picked up on this CYPN initiative, calling on youth project managers to take part in an important study looking at how their work is bearing up in the tough economic climate.

In light of continued pressure on public finances, CYP Now has prepared a short survey to gauge the impact of austerity on youth clubs, groups and projects in communities throughout England and Wales.

Full piece here. It involves completing A Temperature of the Sector survey by 5.00 p.m. this Thursday, March 21 – a tight deadline, to say the least!! Given how fruitful this exploration might be, it’s very rushed. Why? We are not sure.

And what to make of the perplexing question, ‘do you think cuts will lead to a repeat of the 2011 riots?’ YES or NO? Not a lot of room for nuance, is there?

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