Concept Youth Work Reader – Standing at the Crossroads: What future for Youth Work?

Regular readers will know that we hold in high regard the Scottish Community Education journal, CONCEPT. Thus we must draw to your attention the timely appearance on-line of a new Reader, Standing at the Crossroads, focused on the present condition and future of youth work, rich in the diversity of its contributions. The editors, Ian Fyfe and Stuart Moir comment :

This second youth work reader brings together some of the published work from
Concept over the past decade, together with new writing that reflects current thinking, challenges and concerns for practice. The publication of these contemporary pieces of work is in part the culmination of collaboration between Concept and youth work colleagues engaged in face
to face practice. Also, the republished archived papers have in most cases been
updated by the respective authors, bringing fresh meaning to topics explored in the original
work. The result is a snapshot of the dominant ideas pervading policy and the field of

Table of Contents


Ian Fyfe & Stuart Moir
Standing at the Crossroads – What future for Youth Work?
Ian Fyfe & Stuart Moir
Whatever happened to radical youth work?
Tony Jeffs
Being critical, creative and collective: Renewing radical Youth Work
Tony Taylor
An Empowering Approach to Working with Young People.
Dod Forrest
Young People, Social Inclusion & Social Action
Ian Fyfe
Without conditions attached: Towards making participation rights a reality for all Scotland’s children and young people.
Lynne Tammi
The Democracy Challenge: Young people and voter registration.
Stuart Moir
Does youth have a future?
Stuart Waiton
Are we really moving forward? Evaluating the impact of the national youth work strategy.
Mike Bell 13
Ready, Steady, Race to the bottom! The dangers of youth work serving as a sector of the economy.
Lynn Hill
Poverty and Youth Transition
Alan Mackie
Notes on Contributors
Ian Fyfe & Stuart Moir

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