Professional Open Youth Work Europe : A Rich Mix of Video and Presentation

Thanks to BOJA

Our campaign made a significant contribution both directly and indirectly to the first conference of the fledgling Professional Open Youth Work Europe [POYWE] conference in Vienna. The network has just posted a stimulating and diverse mix of videos and powerpoint presentations from the event.


These include:

“Ethics, professionalism and youth work” by Sarah Banks, Durham University, United Kingdom and IDYW supporter

“Professional Open Youth Work –  an overview about the situation of youth work in Europe” by Miriam Teuma, Chief Executive Officer Aġenzija Żgħażagħ, Malta

“Professional Standard for Youth Workers – Education and Training” by Mick Conroy, Newport University Wales, United Kingdom

“Quality – development: Quality and Quantity!” by Werner Lindner, University of Applied Sciences Jena, Germany

Panel discussions, including Pauline Grace from Newman University College and the IDYW steering group, are also included plus concluding remarks from Howard Williamson, University of Glamorgan.

At various meeting some followers have indicated that they welcome video presentations as an alternative to the written word. Bags here to get your teeth into.

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